The SFB program expired on September 30, 2008. For the link to the successor project click DK Computational Mathematics
SFB concluding event
08-05-07 14:55
4th International Conference on Symbolic and Numerical Scientific Computing

The SNSC'08 takes place July 24-26 at RISC Hagenberg.
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About the SFB F013


The overall scientific goal of the SFB is the design, verification, implementation, and analysis of

methods for solving large scale direct and inverse problems with constraints and their synergetical use in scientific computing for real-life problems of high complexity. This includes so-called field problems, usually described by partial differential equations (PDEs), and algebraic problems, e.g., involving constraints in algebraic formulation.

SFB Concluding Event:  SNSC'08


Speaker / Director Co-Speaker Secretary

Prof. Dr. Peter Paule

Prof. Dr. Bert Jüttler

Marion Schimpl

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation

Institute of Applied Geometry

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