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RICAM-Master Thesis
07-07-30 10:00
Master Thesis in Mathematics / Computer Science: Symbolic Computation for Differential Equations.

We offer a Master Thesis for mathematics or computer science in the field of

Symbolic Computation for Differential Equations.

The main task will be designing and implementing an efficient package for manipulating integro-differential operators. It is based on new a symbolic computation method for differential equations and boundary conditions developed at RISC and RICAM. Depending on the candidate's interests, there are also various theoretical topics that could be investigated further. The programming work will build on an existing implementation of an earlier version of the method used.

Some or, ideally, all of the following qualifications are necessary:
  • Programming Experience and Motivation
  • Familiarity with Computer Algebra Systems (Mathematica, Maple)
  • Sound Skills in Differerntial and Integral Calculus
  • Basic Knowledge in Term Rewriting or Algebra

The duration of the master thesis under the joint guidance of Professors Buchberger (RISC) and Engl (RICAM) and their co-workers Dr. Markus Rosenkranz and Dr. Georg Regensburger is scheduled for one semester full-time. Successful candidates may expect financial support (FWF "Forschungsbeihilfe für DiplomandInnen") of apx. EUR 440,-- per month in this period. A laptop will also be provided if needed.

In case of interest, please contact:

Markus.Rosenkranz or Georg.Regensburger @

 Symbolic Computation Group
 Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM)
 Austrian Academy of Sciences
 +43 (70) 2468-5230


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