The SFB program expired on September 30, 2008. For the link to the successor project click DK Computational Mathematics

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F1301, F1302, F1303, F1304, F1305, F1306, F1308, F1309, F1310, F1311, F1315, F1317, F1322

F1301 "Coordination and Service Project"

F1302 "THEOREMA: Proving, Solving, and Computing in the Theory of Hilbert Spaces"

F1303 "Proving and Solving over the Reals"

F1304 "Symbolic Differential Computation"

F1305 "Proving and Solving in Special Function Domains"

F1306 "Adaptive Multilevel Methods for Nonlinear 3D Mechanical Problems"

F1308 "Computational Inverse Problems and Applications"

F1309 "Multilevel Solvers for Large Scale Discretized Optimization Problems"

F1310 "Estimation of Discontinous Parameters in Differential Equations"

F1311 "Structural Dynamics of Elasto-Plastic Multi-Body Systems: Integrated Symbolic and Numerical Computations"

F1315 "Numerical and Symbolic Methods for Implicitly Defined Spline Surfaces"

F1317 "Estimation of discontinuous Solutions of ill-posed Problems"

F1322 "Computer Algebra for Pure and Applied Functional Analysis"

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SpezialForschungsBereich SFB F013 | Special Research Program of the FWF - Austrian Science Fund