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September 27, 2008


B. Buchberger.
Automated Proofs of Automated Geometry Provers.
Invited talk at Forth International Workshop on Automated Deduction in Geometry, RISC, Schloss Hagenberg, Austria, September 5-7 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Computer-Algebra: Abstieg oder Aufstieg? (Computer Algebra: Descent or Ascent ?).
Invited colloquium talk at IWR (Institut für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen), Heidelberg, Germany, May 23 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Computer Mathematik: Abstieg oder Aufstieg (Computer Mathematics: Descent or Ascent).
Invited colloquium talk at Fachhochschule Ohm, Mathematical Department, Nürnberg, Germany, December 12 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Computer verstehen und benutzen (Understanding and Using Computers).
Invited colloquium talk at Workshop of the Austrian Christian Teachers Association, at RISC, Schloss Hagenberg, Austria, March 13 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Focus Windows: A New Technique for Proof Presentation.
Invited talk at 2nd Workshop on Proving, Solving, Computing, Tokyo, organized by the SCORE Group, University of Tsukuba, Japan, February 17-18 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Forschung: Das Standortkriterium. Erfahrungen, Reflexionen, Visionen. (Research: A Decisive Criterion for Selecting Industrial Sites.).
Invited colloquium talk at ``Innovationsgespraeche'', Profactor Institute, Steyr, Austria, March 19 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Teaching Without Teachers?
Invited talk at VISIT-ME (Vienna International Symposium on Information Technology in Math Education), University of Vienna,, July 10-13 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Theorema: A Formal Frame for Mathematics.
Invited talk at EACA - 2002, Octavo Encuentro de Algebra Computational y Applicaciones, Penaranda de Duero, Universidad de Vallodolid, pp. 11-32, September 9-11 2002.
B. Buchberger.
Theorema and Mathematical Knowledge Management.
Invited talk at IMA 2002 Summer Program: Special Functions in the Digital Age, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, July 22 - August 2 2002.
T. Jebelean.
Theorema: A system for the working mathematician.
Invited talk at International Symposium ``35 years of Automath'', Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2002.
K. Nakagawa.
User-friendly features of mathematical software system Theorema.
Invited talk of the Computer Algebra Seminar at Kobe University, Japan, February 2002.
K. Nakagawa.
User-friendly features of mathematical software system Theorema.
Invited talk at Kyusyu University, Japan, February 2002.
K. Nakagawa.
User-friendly features of mathematical software system Theorema.
Invited talk at Fujitsu Laboratories LTD, Japan, March 2002.

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