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September 27, 2008


M. Borges-Quintana, M. Borges-Trenard, and F. Winkler.
An Application of the FGLM Techniques to Linear Codes.
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Towards a mathematical service description language.
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Preprocessing for finite element discretizations of geometric problems.
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Solution analysis of denoising equations related to the mumford-shah functional.
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R. Hemmecke.
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Local proceedings.
R. Hemmecke.
Dynamical aspects of involutive bases computations.
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Symbolic differential elimination theory for symmetry analysis.
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E. Kartashova.
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Theory of laminated wave turbulence: open questions.
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Coherent structures in wave turbulent transport - graph-theoretical approach.
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The role of resonance conditions in the dynamics of nonlinear waves.
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Quantifier Elimination for Approximate Factorization of Linear Partial Differential Operators.
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Integrating temporal assertions into a parallel debugger.
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Implicitization of algebraic varieties.
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A topological criterion for polynomiality.
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Manager-Worker Parallelism versus Dataflow in a Distributed Computer Algebra System.
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A Java Toolkit for Teaching Distributed Algorithms.
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Fault Tolerance for Cluster Computing Based on Functional Tasks.
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Moving frames for laplace invariants.
In proceedings of ISSAC'08 (The International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation), 2008.
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Obstacle to factorization of LPDOs.
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Geometric Algorithms Based on Computer Algebra.
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Advances and Problems in Algebraic Computation.
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Computer algebra and geometry -- some interactions.
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F. Winkler.
Advances in Algebraic Geometric Computation.
In Proc. International Conf. on Algebra and Its Applications (ICAA'2002), Bangkok, Thailand, pages 107-120, March 2002.
ISBN 970-13-2182-1.
M. Zhou and F. Winkler.
Gröbner bases in difference-differential modules.
In Proc. International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC'06), pages 353-360. ACM-Press, 2006.
M. Zhou and F. Winkler.
On computing gröbner bases in rings of differential operators with coefficients in a ring.
In Proc. First Internat. Conf. on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences (MACIS), pages 45-56, 2006.

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