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September 27, 2008


M. Borges-Quintana, F. Winkler, and M. A. Borges-Trenard.
An FGLM Method for Decoding Linear Codes.
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G. Landsmann, J. Schicho, F. Winkler, and E. Hillgarter.
Symbolic Parametrization of Pipe and Canal Surfaces.
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C. Mittermaier, W. Schreiner, and F. Winkler.
A Parallel Symbolic-Numerical Approach to Algebraic Curve Plotting.
In Proc. 3rd Workshop on Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing, CASC-2000, pages 301-314. Springer Verlag, 2000.
C. Mittermaier, W. Schreiner, and F. Winkler.
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W. Schreiner, C. Mittermaier, and F. Winkler.
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W. Schreiner, C. Mittermaier, and F. Winkler.
On Solving a Problem in Algebraic Geometry by Cluster Computing.
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F. Winkler.
Advances and Problems in Algebraic Computation.
In D. Dorninger et al., editors, Contributions to General Algebra 12, Proc. AAA'58, pages 51-70, Vienna, 2000. Verlag Johannes Hein, Klagenfurt.

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