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September 27, 2008


K. Bosa and W. Schreiner.
Tolerating stop failures in distributed Maple.
In Dapsys 2002. Kluwer Academic Publishers, October 2002.
4th Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Processing, Linz, Austria.
O. Caprotti and W. Schreiner.
Towards a mathematical service description language.
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H. Gu.
The finite element approximation to the minimal surfaces subject to the plateau problems.
In Proceedings of The Sixth International Conference on Computational Structure Technology, Prague, Czech Rep., September 2002. Civil-comp Press.
R. Hemmecke.
An efficient method for finding a simplifier in an involutive basis computation (extended abstract).
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Local proceedings.
J. Kovacs, G. Kusper, R. Lovas, and W. Schreiner.
Integrating temporal assertions into a parallel debugger.
In Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, August 2002.
Euro-Par 2002, 8th International Euro-Par Conference, Paderborn, Germany.
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Implicitization of algebraic varieties.
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A Java Toolkit for Teaching Distributed Algorithms.
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Advances in Algebraic Geometric Computation.
In Proc. International Conf. on Algebra and Its Applications (ICAA'2002), Bangkok, Thailand, pages 107-120, March 2002.
ISBN 970-13-2182-1.

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