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September 27, 2008


G. E. Andrews, A. Knopfmacher, P. Paule, and B. Zimmermann.
Engel expansions of $q$-series by computer algebra.
In F. G. Garvan and M. E. H. Ismail, editors, Symbolic Computation, Number Theory, Special Functions, Physics and Combinatorics, volume 4 of Developments in Mathematics, pages 33-57. Kluwer, 2001.
G. E. Andrews, P. Paule, and A. Riese.
MacMahon's partition analysis VII: Constrained compositions.
In B. C. Berndt and K. Ono, editors, $q$-Series with Applications to Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Physics, volume 291 of Contemp. Math., pages 11-27. Amer. Math. Soc., 2001.
G. E. Andrews, P. Paule, A. Riese, and V. Strehl.
MacMahon's partition analysis V: Bijections, recursions, and magic squares.
In A. Betten et al., editors, Algebraic Combinatorics and Applications, pages 1-39. Springer, 2001.
S. Gerhold and M. Kauers.
A procedure for proving special function inequalities involving a discrete parameter.
In M. Kauers, editor, Proceedings of ISSAC '05, pages 156-162. ACM Press, 2005.
M. Kauers.
Computer proofs for polynomial identities in arbitrary many variables.
In J. Gutierrez, editor, Proceedings of ISSAC 2004, pages 199-204. ACM Press, 2004.
M. Kauers.
Computer algebra and power series with positive coefficients.
In Proceedings of FPSAC'07, pages 1-7, 2007.
to appear.
M. Kauers and C. Schneider.
Application of unspecified sequences in symbolic summation.
In J.-G. Dumas, editor, Proceedings of ISSAC'06, pages 177-183. ACM Press, 2006.
M. Kauers and C. Schneider.
Symbolic summation with radical expressions.
In C. W. Brown, editor, Proceedings of ISSAC'07, pages 219-226, 2007.
P. Paule, O. Scherzer, and A. Schoisswohl.
Wavelets with scale dependent properties.
In F. Winkler and U. Langer, editors, Symbolic and Numerical Scientific Computation, volume 2630 of Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., pages 255-265. Springer, 2003.
A. Riese.
Fine-tuning Zeilberger's algorithm -- The methods of automatic filtering and creative substituting.
In F. G. Garvan and M. E. H. Ismail, editors, Symbolic Computation, Number Theory, Special Functions, Physics and Combinatorics, volume 4 of Developments in Mathematics, pages 243-254. Kluwer, 2001.
C. Schneider.
A collection of denominator bounds to solve parameterized linear difference equations in ${\Pi}{\Sigma}$-extensions.
In D. Petcu, V. Negru, D. Zaharie, and T. Jebelean, editors, Proc. SYNASC04, 6th Internat. Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computation, pages 269-282, Timisoara (Romania), September 2004. Mirton Publishing.
C. Schneider.
Symbolic summation with single-nested sum extensions.
In J. Gutierrez, editor, Proc. ISSAC'04, pages 282-289. ACM Press, 2004.
C. Schneider.
Finding telescopers with minimal depth for indefinite nested sum and product expressions.
In M. Kauers, editor, Proc. ISSAC'05, pages 285-292. ACM, 2005.
C. Schneider.
Some notes on ``when is 0.999... equal to 1?''.
In T. C. et al., editor, Mathematics, Algorithms, Proofs, number 05021 in Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, pages 1-3. Internationales Begegnungs- und Forschungszentrum (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, 2006.
C. Schneider.
Parameterized telescoping proves algebraic independence of sums.
In Proc. FPSAC'07, pages 1-12, 2007.

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