The SFB program expired on September 30, 2008. For the link to the successor project click DK Computational Mathematics

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Mag. Szilvia Béla project F1315 mail
Dr. Martin Giese project F1302 9969 mail
DI Peter Gruber project F1306 7178 mail
Dr. Lin He project F1308 9229 mail
DI Mario Kapl project F1315 7175 mail
Dr. Elena Kartaschova project F1304 9929
Dipl.-Inf. Christoph Koutschan project F1305 9927 mail
DI Laura Kovacs project F1302 9939
Mag. Brian Moore project F1303 5254 mail
DI Clemens Pechstein project F1306 9169 mail
Dr. Hanna Katriina Pikkarainen project F1308 5233 mail
DI Dr. Veronika Pillwein project F1301 5228 mail
DI Nikolaj Popov project F1302 9926
Msc. Silviu Radu project F1305 9981 mail
Dr. Georg Regensburger project F1322 5230 mail
DI Camelia Rosenkranz project F1302 9969
Dr. Ekaterina Shemyahova project F1304 9950
Dipl.-Tech.-Math. René  Simon project F1309 7178 mail
Dr. Eva Sincich project F1308 5237 mail
Dr. Mourad Sini project F1308 9229 mail
DI Flavia Iulia Stan project F1301 9958
Msc. Loredana Tec project F1322 9983 mail
Dr. Jan Valdman project F1306 7177 mail
DI Marie-Therese Wolfram project F1308
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SpezialForschungsBereich SFB F013 | Special Research Program of the FWF - Austrian Science Fund