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4th International Conference on Symbolic and Numerical Scientific Computing (SNSC'08)

July 24 - 26, 2008, Hagenberg, Austria

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General Information

From July 24-26, 2008, the SNSC'08 will take place as part of a concluding SFB event. As part of the conference program, the results of 10 years of SFB research will be presented.

However, the conference is open to all researchers interested in symbolics and numerics, and in the interplay of these areas. Contributed talks are welcome; see below.

The SFB has already organized three conferences under the title "International Conference on Symbolic and Numerical Scientific Computing (SNSC)", respectively "International Conference on Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing (NSSC)"; namely, SNSC'99 in 1999 and SNSC'01 in 2001, both at Hagenberg, and NSSC'03 at Strobl/Wolfgangsee (Austria) in 2003. The latter had a stronger emphasis on numerics, so in the title "numerical" and "symbolic" was switched.

The SNSC'08 will be part of the RISC Summer 2008, a whole series of conferences organized by the RISC institute at Hagenberg.

The structure of SNSC'08 will be as follows. Besides the six invited lectures (45 minutes) there is a limited number of contributed talks (20 minutes). In addition we will have "SFB Talks", reserved for SFB researchers to present the most outstanding highlights of SFB collaborations.

On Thursday afternoon (July 24th) a panel discussion on basic research and applications (with representatives of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), invited speakers, journalists, etc.) will be organized.

Important extended deadlines:

Registration: June 15, 2008  [more]
Submission of contributed talks: May 31, 2008  [more]
Notification of acceptance: June 12, 2008

Online registration is handled via the general RISC Summer Registration.

Please direct your comments or eventual problem reports to webmaster.

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