Two-yield elastoplasticity solver 

Provided Matlab software demonstrates two-yield elastoplasticity quasi-static calculation. Theory and numerics can be found in Jan Valdman's PhD thesis:

Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Elastoplastic Material with Multi-Surface Stress-Strain Relation

submited at Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, and published at Verlag in Berlin in 2002 under ISBN 3-89825-501-8.

A pdf version of the thesis can be downloaded here

I will be happy to get any comments/suggestion on

Two animations from the Matlab solver (colors meaning: black - elastic zone, brown - first plastic zone, light yellow - second plastic zone)


       Animation 1: Time evolution of 2D two-yield beam            Animation 2: ZZ space adaptivity withing one time step   



Software development:

28.08.2002   Original Matlab Solver from the PhD thesis provided.
08.11.2002   This html page added.
14.02.2003   rewriting Solver in C++ (it will become a part of NGSolve), in progress (some pictures and animations here.)
10.07.2003   Matlab Solver upgraded.
17.11.2003   C++ Solver available (download with NGSolve)
14.10.2005   Matlab Solver extended and upgraded. Latest version here.

Last modified: Jan Valdman, 14. 10. 2005, Linz

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