In file eigen.hpp:

class EigenSystem

Lanczos Eigen system calculation


Lanczos Eigen system calculation

Public Methods

[more] EigenSystem(const BaseMatrix & aa)
[more] EigenSystem(const BaseMatrix & aa, const BaseMatrix & ac)
[more]void SetMatrix(const BaseMatrix & aa)
[more]void SetPrecond(const BaseMatrix & ac)
[more]void SetMaxSteps(int amaxsteps)
[more]void SetPrecision(double aprec)
[more]void Calc()
[more]double EigenValue(int nr) const
[more]double MaxEigenValue() const
[more]int NumEigenValues() const
[more]void PrintEigenValues(ostream & ost) const

Private Fields

[more]const BaseMatrix* a
[more]ARRAY<double> ai
[more]double prec
[more]int maxsteps

oconst BaseMatrix* a

oARRAY<double> ai

odouble prec

oint maxsteps

o EigenSystem(const BaseMatrix & aa)

o EigenSystem(const BaseMatrix & aa, const BaseMatrix & ac)

ovoid SetMatrix(const BaseMatrix & aa)

ovoid SetPrecond(const BaseMatrix & ac)

ovoid SetMaxSteps(int amaxsteps)

ovoid SetPrecision(double aprec)

ovoid Calc()

odouble EigenValue(int nr) const

odouble MaxEigenValue() const

oint NumEigenValues() const

ovoid PrintEigenValues(ostream & ost) const

This class has no child classes.

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