In file table.hpp:

class IntTable

Integer Table


Integer Table


Public Methods

[more] IntTable()
[more] IntTable(int size)
[more] IntTable(const ARRAY<int> & entrysizes)
[more]void AddUnique(int i, int cont)
[more]void Print(ostream & ost) const

Inherited from DynamicTable:

Public Methods

ovoid Add(int i, const T & acont)
ovoid AddEmpty(int i)
ovoid Set(int i, int nr, const T & acont)
oconst T& Get(int i, int nr) const
oconst T* GetLine(int i) const
oint Size() const
oint EntrySize(int i) const
ovoid DecEntrySize(int i)
oFlatArray<T> operator[] (int i)
oConstFlatArray operator[] (int i) const

Inherited from BaseDynamicTable:

Public Methods

ovoid SetSize(int size)
ovoid IncSize(int i, int elsize)

Protected Fields

oARRAY<linestruct> data
ochar* oneblock

Protected Members

ostruct linestruct

o IntTable()

o IntTable(int size)

o IntTable(const ARRAY<int> & entrysizes)

ovoid AddUnique(int i, int cont)

ovoid Print(ostream & ost) const

This class has no child classes.

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