In file intrule.hpp:

class IntegrationRule


Public Methods

[more] IntegrationRule()
[more] ~IntegrationRule()
[more]void AddIntegrationPoint(IntegrationPoint* ip)
[more]int GetNIP() const
[more]const IntegrationPoint& operator[] (int i) const
[more]const IntegrationPoint& GetIP(int i) const

Private Fields

[more]ARRAY<IntegrationPoint*> ipts

oARRAY<IntegrationPoint*> ipts

o IntegrationRule()

o ~IntegrationRule()

ovoid AddIntegrationPoint(IntegrationPoint* ip)

oint GetNIP() const

oconst IntegrationPoint& operator[] (int i) const

oconst IntegrationPoint& GetIP(int i) const

This class has no child classes.

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