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Boundary Value Problem

Keyword: bvp

The numproc bvp takes a matrix (from a bilinear form), a right hand side vector (from a gridfunction), call an iterative solver to compute the solution vector stored in a gridfunction.


define bvp np1 -bilinearform=a -linearform=f -solution=u -preconditioner=c

Flags are:
-bilinearform=<name> bilinear form to provide matrix
-linearform=<name> linear form to provide right hand side vector
-gridfunction=<name> gridfunction to store solution
-preconditioner=<name> preconditioner for iterative solver
-maxsteps=num maximal number of iterations
-prec=num relative error reduction
-solver=cg|qmr choice of iterative solver, default is cg.
-print print matrix, rhs, and solution to test.out file

Joachim Schoeberl 2002-07-15