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Evaluation of numerical values

Keyword: evaluate

Evaluate (bi)linear functionals on gridfunctions, compute point values, etc,..


numproc evaluate ev1 -linearform=f -gridfunction=u -text=NormalFlux
numproc evaluate ev2 -bilinearform=a -gridfunction=u -point=[0.3,0.5,0.5] -applyd

Flags are:
-bilinearform=<name> bilinear form to evaluate a(u,v), or, take first integrator to define quantity to evaluate
-linearform=<name> linear form to evaluate f(v)
-gridfunction=<name> gridfunction to evaluate
-gridfunction2=<name> gridfunction v to evaluate a(u,v)
-point=[px,py,pz] point where to evaluate $B u$
-point2=[qx,qy,qz] evaluate elong line [P,Q] and store values in file
-filename=<name> file to store results
-applyd switch between stain/stress, i.e., $B u$ or $DBu$
-text=<text> output is ``

Joachim Schoeberl 2002-07-15