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Installing NGSolve as Netgen Add-On

To install NGSolve together with Netgen, you have to obtain first both packages from$\sim$joachim/netgen. It is recommended to use CVS checkout:

setenv CVS_RSH ssh
cvs -d co netgen

This should give you the directory tree netgen. After that, change into netgen, and checkout ngsolve:

cvs -d co ngsolve

You have to change a few files to compile and initialize the NGSolve module:

After that, you compile Netgen/NGSolve as you compile Netgen:

> cd netgen
> make

The make includes the machine dependent makefile libsrc/makefile.mach.$(MACHINE). Please set MACHINE to the environment most similar to yours.

This should give you the binary ng.

Joachim Schoeberl 2002-07-15