In file order.hpp:

class CliqueEl


Public Fields

[more]CliqueEl* next
[more]int vnr
[more]bool eliminate
[more]bool flag
[more]static ngstd::BlockAllocator ball

Public Methods

[more] CliqueEl()
[more]CliqueEl* GetNext()
[more]CliqueEl* GetNextClique()
[more]int GetVertexNr() const
[more]void* operator new(size_t)
[more]void operator delete (void* , size_t)

oCliqueEl* next

oint vnr

obool eliminate

obool flag

o CliqueEl()

oCliqueEl* GetNext()

oCliqueEl* GetNextClique()

oint GetVertexNr() const

ostatic ngstd::BlockAllocator ball

ovoid* operator new(size_t)

ovoid operator delete (void* , size_t)

This class has no child classes.

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