In file finiteelement.hpp:

class FE_Quad1



Inherited from NodalFiniteElement:

Public Methods

ovirtual const IntegrationRule& NodalIntegrationRule() const
oconst FlatVector<> GetShape(const IntegrationPoint & ip, LocalHeap & lh) const
ovirtual const FlatVector<> GetShapeV(const IntegrationPoint & ip) const
oconst FlatMatrix<> GetDShape(const IntegrationPoint & ip, LocalHeap & lh) const
ovirtual const FlatMatrix<> GetDShapeV(const IntegrationPoint & ip) const
ovirtual void CalcShape(const IntegrationPoint & ip, FlatVector<> shape) const
ovirtual void CalcDShape(const IntegrationPoint & ip, FlatMatrix<> dshape) const

Protected Methods

ovirtual const ARRAY<IPData*> & GetIPData() const
ovoid CalcIPData(ELEMENT_TYPE et, ARRAY<IPData*> & ipdata)

Protected Members

class IPData
stored information in integration points

Inherited from FiniteElement:

Public Methods

oint SpatialDim() const
oint GetNDof() const
oint Order() const
oELEMENT_TYPE ElementType() const

This class has no child classes.

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