In file bdbequations.hpp:

template<int D, typename FEL = NodalFiniteElement> class SourceIntegrator



Public Methods

[more] SourceIntegrator(CoefficientFunction* coeff)
[more]virtual string Name() const

Inherited from T_BIntegrator:

Public Methods

ovirtual bool BoundaryForm() const
ovirtual void AssembleElementVector(const FiniteElement & bfel, const ElementTransformation & eltrans, FlatVector<double> & elvec, LocalHeap & locheap) const
ovirtual int GetDimension() const
ovirtual int Lumping() const

Inherited from LinearFormIntegrator:

Inherited from Integrator:

Public Methods

obool DefinedOn(int mat) const
ostatic void SetCommonIntegrationOrder(int cio)
ovoid SetIntegrationOrder(int io)

Protected Fields

oBitArray definedon
oint integration_order
ostatic int common_integration_order

o SourceIntegrator(CoefficientFunction* coeff)

ovirtual string Name() const

This class has no child classes.

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