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Reference Manual

This is the most up to date description of the PDE input file.

The input file is case sensitive. All keywords must be in lower-case.

Line comments start with the pound sign #. The rest of the line is ignored. Block comments are not available.

The input file must start with geometry-and-mesh definition. Geometry is optional, the mesh statement is required:

geometry = geodir/geofilename.geo
mesh = meshdir/meshfilename.vol
The filename is relative to the starting directory of ng. Spaces are optional.

After that, define commands and numproc commands follow. Each object must be given a unique name. The objects are called in order of definition. The calling action depends on the type of object. For example, it is memory allocation for grid-functions, matrix assembling for bilinear-forms, and linear equation solving for numprocs.

Many commands require option flags. There are define flags, number flags, string flags, number-list flags, and string-last flags. Examples for every type are

-printstatus -ref_fac=0.1 -solution=u -parameters=[1.0,2,-5] -spaces=[v1,v2,v3]
Flags need an initial '-' character. Spaces inside one flag are not allowed.


Joachim Schoeberl 2002-07-15